Haruki found his loving girl

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Nov 11, 2016 22:23
The 26 years old boy Haruki visited to the seaside town.Haruki had a genious little brother.But he made Haruki to feel his complex that Haruki wasn't smart like him.And their father compared to him and Haruki.So Haruki escaped from his little brother and his father.
There had only the detective manga museum as the sightseeing spot in the town.He wasn't interested in the manga,so he hadn't enjoyed.On going the hostel,He heard the singing voice like the cute character in the detective manga from the chapel.He was interested in the voice,entered inside the chapel.In the chapel,the girl with dark_hair like crows was singing and playing the organ.The song she sang was the Swedish song,Laleh's ”Far Har Lärt Mig”.Haruki didn't understand what she sang,but he found she was singing by Swedish.Because the master in the hostel was mixed_man of Japan and Sweden and he taught Haruki Swedish…
After she finished singing the song,Haruki talked to her so quickly.
”What the song were you singing?”
She was suprised at his voice and looked back.She had pale skin and the cheaks dye red like apples.Big dark eyes with light,red lips like blood.She looked like 12 years old.She made Haruki to feel strange.He felt she wasn't human but sort of an angel or Lilith.She blinked the eyes surrounded long eyelashes and asked him.

”Who are you?”

Haruki relieved and answered with making high_tone voice.

”I'm Haruki,from Tokyo!Your voice made me to ENTER the chapel”

The girl opened widely her eyes,and looked down smoothly.
”Did my voice sound out this chapel?It's a shame…”

He felt she was lovely girl.She looked at Haruki and answered.

”Laleh's song,”Far Har Lärt Mig”.The song tells me that father has taught me everything and be strong”
Her words made Haruki remember his complex and he felt she stimulated him.
She was silent at the moment,and said.
”I'm Yumeno.and I'm not a local person in this town.”
”Well,where are you from?”
She put her ”shh”'s gesturing hand her lips and she had the hand put his lips remain shh's gesture.
She looked him lonely face and smiled.
Haruki dye his cheaks red like Yumeno.
”Uh_huh…,anyway,what brings you to speak Swedish?”
She showed him her glad face so quickly.
”The hostel's master.He is the interesting gentleman!”
”I stay at the hostel…”
They looked up each other,and laughed at a little.
”Will you go to the hostel to see him?”
Haruki asked
She answered like child glad to her favorite lolipop.