I bought books to learn French.

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Jan 29, 2016 22:32
I bought books to learn French.I'll learn Chinese and English in the university because friend of my father recommanded Chinese.I was not able to choose Chinese and French,but she said that FらI've borrowed 5 books from the prefectural library.One of them is a mystery novel by Fujio Akatsuka,a great manga artist in comedy area.the book most I want to read is that,but I'm reading about the book about boys clinic for damaged boys by sexual abuse in Sweden.There are 200 clinics for them there,but there are few clinics in Japan.
Many boys appears with suffering by sexual abuse,disappears with delight in the book.
I've not finished it,but I think parents and adult affects children.
When tearsed children by adults and their parents grew up,they are easily to do it their child.That's chain.
I'm going to learn English and Chinese,but I want to learn French,Swedish and psychological.
What language have I to learn if I learn psychological?