Ninja Ghost

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Feb 10, 2018 16:10
Kanae sees a ghost man named Hansuke. They've been along and
friends. She loves him because he is interesting. One day, she said him "I love you." However he rejects her love_confession.
"Why?" Kanae said.
"I promise with Kiri..." Hansuke said.

Hansuke is handsome and he was a ninja 450 years ago. Ninja is a name of groups like marcenary until Edo_era in Japan. They were in the low_class although they were like bushi (middle_class in Japan). People scorned ninja so they live as ordinary people. For example, seller, farmer, hairdresser...Hansuke was son of bushi, but his family were all killed. After that, he apprenticeshipped to buddism. He became a priest but his priest group was ninja. He had to kill man one day, escape from his enemies. There wasn't holiday for him. One day, he escaped from his group. It is called "Nukenin(抜け忍)". He escaped and escaped...arrived at a village. He remade an fallen house by tree or bamboo and lived there. Food is rabbit, sly dogs, insect etc.
Every day he felt death fear for death and alone. People in village were friendly for him, but he had felt alone. One morning, out the house he found a fallen dirty 10-years-old boy named Kiri. Kiri's body was girl, but Kiri behaved as a boy. Hansuke had saved Kiri and Kiri had dicided to live with Hansuke. For 5 years, Kiri and Hansuke worked as farmer or hunter. They sold rabbit and sly dogs at the big city after hunting. They had been poor usually, but they celebrated new year gorgeously because of hunting and selling swans. Swan is expensive food then. They had felt happy, Hansuke loved Kiri and Kiri loved Hansuke. Kiri thought he was a boy had girl's body. One day Hansuke kissed Kiri. Kiri acaepted his kiss but he cried. Hansuke asked the reason he cried, Kiri answered "I was sex slave of handit." Hansuke wanted baby with Kiri but he gave up that. However Kiri wanted his baby with Hansuke. Hansuke and Kiri tried, and Kiri was pregnant. Hansuke was glad at that, but Kiri was attacked by ex_Hansuke's Ninja group on the last month of pregnancy. She was hurt and shocked so water breaking hppened then. Kiri was dead when his baby was born. His baby was stillborn. Kiri and Hansuke promised that they would be along with the future when Kiri almost died.
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