I listen to Cyndi Wang' songs every day.

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Jan 19, 2016 23:31
I listen to Cyndi Wang' songs every day.Since I was 13 years old,I have listened music such as Cyndi Wang or Olivia Ong because I thanked Taiwan for help in economic situation.
Anyway,there is what I wonder why.In Taiwan,China,Hong Kong,many people have English Name.Cyndi Wang's name is Wang Xin Ling for example.Why don't we Japanese have English name?
I know the reason why Chinese and Taiwanese have English name.But I don't know Japanese don't have English name…
Many Koreans have English name.My user name in Lang 8 is ”Carly”,but I want to change my user name.What name do you recommand?
I want to have English name can use other than on internet.