That dream, seems to be difficult to achieve.

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Feb 10, 2019 18:08
My brother, when he was 14, went to Japan. Now he works in a construction company.
In 2013, my brother got married. His wife is Chinese and very cute. Besides, she wants to go to Japan.
As the spouse of my brother, she can go to Japan. However, when my brother worked, he didn't pay taxes or anything like that. The visa application documents were incomplete and the application was unsuccessful. Poor wife, quit the job has been waiting, visa does not come down, married to now has been 6 years, still can not go to Japan.
My brother knew that because he was in Japan, he could get a good wife. Now although the separation in China and Japan, very painful, but if the wife came to Japan, and ran with the rich man, may divorce, brother thought of here, the mood is complex.
For his wife, it is better to work hard than to expect others. It's hard not to go to work every day like this.
His wife's hometown is very poor. So, want to live a happy life in Japan, but that dream, seems to be difficult to achieve.