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Dec 31, 2017 14:05
Today one of my friends told me about his view on love. He believes love since first glance, he thinks if they are truely in love with each other since first glance, they should be together forever.

I kind of not approve of his view. because I think it two may feel satisfied with each other at the very first glance, but they could find them not appropriate to be together just know more about the other. It's too fast to decide a life company just through a glance.

My friend doesn't like it when the other cheats on you. I dislike it either. but I think, if he/she choose to cheat on you, it might be manifest that he/she actually doesn't love you that much, or you are not the most right person for him/her. if he/she starts cheating on you, it's in vain to control it.

Сегодня мой друг рассказывал мне об своем взгляде любви. Он верит в любовь с первого взгляда, он считает, что двум влюбленным следует быть вместе всю жизнь.

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