Diary 02.11

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Nov 18, 2019 18:59
Today I took bus to meet my friend Sheldon.  At a station came a madam, she asked the drive if it happens to pass her destination.  The driver didn't know about that. I thought that madam might be an illiteracy, because at station there is a board with all the lines of the bus passing there.  I didn't know when she could get her bus if she just kept on asking like that.

今天去朋友贺家坐公交车,有一站突然上来了一个大妈,问司机知不知道哪一路到某个站 (名字我不记得了),司机说不知道。司机可能是真的不知道。我觉得这个大妈可能是个文盲,因为站牌上都写了的。她要这么问下去,不知道要问到什么时候。