Diary 19. 11

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Dec 25, 2019 10:39
Today I met a friend.  He teaches drawing in an institution.  It was a part-time job, so he pay is counted by  the number of classes he gave.  In a week he has 11 classes, by each class he received 150 yuans. Meanwhile he also does some design works. Included the pay he got from designs, he earns 6000 yuans a month.
He started drawing when he was young.  His basic techniques in drawing are firm, he can draw many types of drawing.  He showed many his paintings.  He even drew on the wall of his office and didn't charge any of his boss for this decoration. 
He has good memory, he often draws what he had seen before.  He is open-minded, his students all like him.  He told the social contact is important.

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