HELP! 六句话来准备与人力资源经理的面试。 6 sentences to prepare for an Interview

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May 12, 2019 15:31 job interview preparation 面试的准备
1. 我与其他教练的不同之处在干我的跨文化背景。

2. 这来自于在亚洲,欧洲和美国这三达州生活和工作。

3. 三年前,我在上海接受了部分教练培训。

4. 为来自另一种文化的老板或团队工作是一项挑战,即使在办公室里只使用一种语言。

5. 就经验而来,我在巴黎迪斯尼乐园一位美国高级经理提供了6个月的支持。

6. 我鼓励我的客户采用我的指导技巧(积极倾听和观察)与他们的团队成员。

1. What differs me from other coaches is my intercultural background.

2. This comes from having lived and worked on three continents: Asia, Europe and America.

3. Three years ago, I did part of my coaching training in Shanghai.

4. Working for a boss or with a team from another culture is a challenge, even if only one language is used at the office.

5. As far as experience is concerned, I gave support for over 6 months to a high level American manager at Disneyland Paris.

6. I encourage my clients to adopt my coaching techniques (active listening and observation) with members of their teams.