Crossing Borders and Systemic Coaching: 跨越边境和系统教练:

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Mar 11, 2019 02:10 coaching expatriation Luxembourg 教练 卢森堡

我会老实说的!我有点紧张.....。我不应该这么做!我是说, 毕竟我是教练!我总是鼓励别人走出他们的舒适区, 现在轮到我了!让我解释一下。在法国担任跨文化教练和教练20年后, 我来到卢森堡开始我的教练业务。我正在穿越边境.....。字面上和比喻。我将是从法国赶来的数万名上班族之一.....。那里的边界不被人注意, 也许除了与 wifi 的短暂干扰。(顺便说一句, 我不认为这种行动自由是理所当然的。

作为一名跨文化教练和终身外籍人员, 我学会了适应六个国家的生活。我学会了4种语言..。我想这个事实让我成为一个相当不典型的美国人。话虽如此, 如果作为一名高级外籍教练, 我学到了一件事, 那就是: 没有人是典型的.....。或者至少, 没有人认为自己是典型的。也许这是因为绝大多数外国人有意识地决定生活在家庭文化之外.....。不管是什么原因

我来到多元文化卢森堡, 作为一个系统的教练, 原因很简单: 有必要, 真正需要多元文化团队更有效地工作。
I'll be honest! I'm a bit nervous...and I shouldn't be! I mean, after all, I'm a coach! I'm always encouraging other people to step out of THEIR comfort zones and now it's MY turn! Let me explain. After 20 years of working as an intercultural trainer and coach in France, I am coming to Luxembourg to start my coaching business. I'm crossing a border...literally and figuratively. I will be one of the tens of thousands of commuters coming in from France...where the border goes unnoticed except perhaps for a momentary disruption with the wifi. (Incidentally, I do not take this freedom of movement for granted.)

As an intercultural coach and a lifelong expatriate, I've learned to adjust to life in half a dozen countries. I've learned 4 languages...a fact which I guess makes me a pretty atypical American. This being said, if there's one thing I've learned as a senior expatriate coach, it's this: no one is typical...or at least, no one considers himself or herself as typical. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the large majority of expats have made a conscious decision to live outside their home culture...for whatever reason.

I come to multicultural Luxembourg as a systemic coach for one very simple reason: there is a need, a real need for multicultural teams to work more effectively.