My senteces for today are :

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Feb 29, 2016 00:15
My senteces for today are :
# am/is /are ( QUESTIONS)
1. Are you cleaning up your room? No, mam,before I have to do my homework
2.Is your brother at his girlfriend's house? 'No, he is working'
3.Are your nieces and nephews at home ? ' Yes, they are'
4. It it hot in Brazil? ' Yes, it is very hot
5.Where is your mother from? She is from Japan
6.What are your cousin doing? She is going to her house. She is tired because she had tests at school today
7.Who is the best student in that class?
8. How cool is live in your country? I don't like to live in here ! I'd like to live in Japan because I want to study japonise
9.Why are they going to the hospital? They are going to hospital because Suzy is sick
10.Are happy? Yes, Iam / No, I'm not
11.Sabrina is a teacher? No, she isnt .She a nurse.
12.Are they you parents ? No, they aren't. They are my friends
13. That's you book? yes, It is . I was find it ! Thanks my friend
14. Where's Aline ? She is living in another city