My senteces for today are :

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Feb 29, 2016 22:31
My senteces for today are :
# I am doing ( present continuous)
1 Iam taking a Portuguese class.
2 I am not sleeping now I'm talking (to/with ) you . Lol
3 She is crying becouse she had a bad grade on your final test :(
4 I'm going to school
5 you are dirtying my sofa
6 I'm watching videos on youtube
7 I'm texting with/ to a girl. She is an English student
8 We are drinking wine. We really like thar
9 I'm staying at home this weekend because I want to relax a lot
10 I'm helping my wife to make a cake
11 My kids are playing video game
12My best frind and his girlfrind are going to post office.
14 My mother is washing my underwear