My senteces for today are :

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Feb 28, 2016 02:43
My senteces for today are :
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1.I'm Alberto. I live in Brazil but I want to travel around the world.
2.I am an English student and I want to be an English Teacher. I'm going to do that the best that I can.
3.You are helping me to learn other language and I'm so grateful for that
4.Laura is a beautiful girl. She is Canadian
5.João is Unemployed. He is finding a new job
6.Natanael is a music student and Nicolas is a accounting student.They are my friends
7. She is at home. She is cooking a good thing in the kitchen
8. Seiya lives in US but he likes to live in differents places
9.My mam is a the best housewife.
10. I am studying a lot because I like to be a smart guy