It's my first post here.

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Jun 3, 2015 03:35 school English Myself.
It's my first post here. I'm just 15 years old but I hope that I can learn English better in this way. My native language is Georgian and it's a little hard to me to speak in English free. So... what I'll talk about? maybe about my education in school in a nutshell ( I think it will be boring). The main thing that i want to say sounds like: ,,Damn! why do I need to know first cosmos speed and second huh?!" no, really! can that help me in my life somehow?? or maybe it will save me when there will be thieves in my apartment?! everyone says that there is GENERAL education in school... well, i can't agree with that. One might say that each teacher gains her's subject importance and that really disappoints me... upon my word,they don't even think that their subject will never be useful in life D:
просто гугл транслейт :D