My Home Town

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Jul 26, 2010 22:32
Today, my hometown was on the TV news. I expected to hear good news, but it wasn't.
My hometown has been suffering from depopulation.

When I was a child, a lot of people lived there. As foresry was still thriivng, there were many lumber factories and a lot of lumbers were placed at the lumberyard.
But after the foreign woods started to be imported, those factoies were getting less and less and at last all of them disappeared.

As young people can't get a good job there, they don't go back to hometown, after graduating from university.

Most of them get a job at a big city or town and live there.

Well, according to the news, recently number of deer has been increasing. They eat farm products, so it's a big problem there. There are a lot of monkeys too, so they also steal farm products.

The mayor of the town said that the budget to solve the problem was cut 85 %, after the new government.
People are trying to use their brain to protect their products, but it hasn't been successful yet.

Now, there are 3300 people at my hometown, and most of them are elderly people. And it's supposed that there are 6000 deer in the town.
How could people fight against those deer?