Memories of Summer

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Jul 22, 2010 15:39
It's real summer, isn't it? I've been in the cool air-conditioned room most of the time. It's laxourious. lol

My mother sent me a lot of corn on the cobs last week, so I still have some of them in the freezer. I cooked a few cobs on the microwave oven and had one of them just now.
It's reminiscent taste of my childhood at my hometown. When I close my eyes, I could see myself eating corn sitting outside in front of my house. All of the doors and windows are open, because there is no airconditioner.
But there is a nice breeze in the alley.

Suppose the taste of corn in old days wasn't as good as the present one, but I feel like it was much better than now.

At my hometown, there is a very beautiful river. My elementary school didn't have a pool, so in summer we walked to the river to learn swimming. Sometimes we went to the river with cucumbers, tomatoes, a kind of cheap melons and occasionally watermelons. It was the most enjoyable time to the students. I still remember the cucumbers and tomatoes just with a little salt tasted very good.

Oh, I still remember my childhood very well. Wow...Oh well, don't ask me what I ate for dinner yesterday.