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Jul 18, 2010 21:35
Our rainy season was over at last. I'm happy because my washing clothes dry easily, and they smell good after they get dried in the sun.

Well, I went shopping at Costco with my husband today. The store has got so popular recently, it's very crowded on weekend. We usually go as early as we can, but we didn't today. We arrived there at around 12:30, and yes, it was so difficult to find parking a parking lot. As it was sunny, we didn't want to park on the roof, but unfortunately we had to.

We got a shopping cart before we entered the store and I was pusshing it. Then I could hear the voice "Our shopping carts are coming behind you, please be careful". There were some people who were also pusshing the cart, but the person in front of me stopped suddenly when she heard the voice. She shouldn't have stopped, but the bunch of shopping carts crashed against my leg. "Outh"
But the clerk didn't say anything.

Then at the entrance, another cart crashed against the same place of my leg, but the person didn't say anything, either.

They made me feel so bad.
It was a bad start of my shopping.

But afte a while, one of the clerks was very kind to take me to the product which I was looking for and a customer who had a big package of potato chips answered me with a big smile where the potato chips were. lol

They made me feel better.