What Sport Do You Like?

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Jun 29, 2010 14:10
What sport do you like? I like baseball, of course, just to watch, not play. Did I tell you I'm not good at any sports or exercise? Oh, never mind.

Oh well, I thought Japanese sumo wrestler would answer the question that they like "Sumo", but do you know what sport do they like? What a surprise, they like baseball same as me, or much more than me. But they like it as a different way.

The World Cup news has been going around, but the news of sumo wrestler's gambling scandal has been on the news more.

Recently, many of sumo wrestlers, their stable masters were found that they were gambling on baseball games, illegally. It seems a lot of sumo wrestlers, even retired ones did it occasionally.

As you know, sumo wrestling is our national sport, and it's very traditional. All of sumo wrestlers have to keep their strict rules and manners. I suppose it's difficult for current young people, but as they chose sumo as their career, we expect them to behave as a great sumo wrestler.

When I was small, we didn't have many of exciting sports to watch on TV, but sumo wrestling was always on NHK. As I was small, they looked big or huge, calm and worthy of respect. I want to believe they were as same as they looked.

And now, we might see them very small, even though their figure is as huge as the one in old days.