Father's Day.

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Jun 20, 2010 19:45
Yes, I'm full, I'm full, I'm full.

It's 19:30 in Japan. I haven't eaten dinner yet, but I'm still full.

Well, actually, I ate lunch for two meals, that's why I feel full at this moment.

Today, I went out for a nice lunch with my family to celebrate Father's Day for my husband. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
It was the same restaurant where I had lunch with my friends last month. As it was very reasonable and good, I invited them to go there.

I booked the restaurant at 11:00 when it opens. They serve "Tabehodai" for lunch and serve all of the dishes to the table, so we could eat as many dishes as we wanted.

At the beginning, they brought all of the dishes we ordered soon, but as it was getting crowded, we had to wait for awhile.
But we ordered a lot for the first one hour, so it was good for us to slow down to eat.

I admired myself I did a good decision to book the time at 11:00 when it opens.

We had a good time all together. My husband and I walked around Shinsaibashi after lunch and came back home.

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