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Jun 19, 2010 00:47
"Mom, how many pieces can I eat? "

My children asked me when we had gyoza for dinner. It was a long time ago. As I had four children, I was always busy when they were small.
So I usually bought gyoza which was already prepared at the shop.
As you know, it's more expensive than making at home, so we couldn't eat as many as we wanted, we always had the maximum number we could eat.
But I started to make it by myself some years ago.
I usually make 60 pieces, as there are four people at home now.
We don't have to worry how many we can eat.

Well, do you make gyoza at home? If you do, do you have some ingredient leftovers sometimes? When I have leftovers, I make okonomiyaki with them next day. It always comes out very good.