200 yen Curry

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Jun 17, 2010 00:55
I cooked curry for dinner.

Suppose most of housewives know it, but potatoes are expensive these days. I didn't buy potatoes quite a long time. But I bought four potatoes at last. They cost 200 yen.
When I started to cook curry, I remembered my old days when I cooked curry. It was a long long time ago.

Both of my parents were working so hard to raise four children.
Usually my 6-year older sister cooked for dinner, but when she had a part
time job, I had to cook. I was 10 or 11 years old at that time.
My mother left me 200 yen to buy the ingredients for dinner.
I don't remember how much each of the ingredient, but I often cooked curry for dinner. I suppose potatoes, onions and carrots all together cost less than 100 yen. Around that time, we didn't eat beef yet. I think it was still so expensive. I used pork or chicken for curry. メタルインドカレー curry roux was the first brand for me.

Anyway I made curry for only 200 yen at that time, but now I can only buy four potatoes.