Got A New Bike...At Last.

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Jun 11, 2010 13:50

I'm so happy to get a new bike at last. Can you see what color it is?
Yes, I got the one which has orange and silver. It looks nice and it's so nice for me to find it easily among other bikes.

Well, as you know Japanese people love to ride a bike and people ride to the station to take the subway or JR(Japanese railroad) trains. In Osaka, there is a parking lot for bike near the station, but we have to pay for it. So many people just park their bike in front of the station, it's a problem. But as I'm thrifty, I sometimes park my bike at the free space too.

Anyway, last year just before my birthday, my bike was taken away, because I parked it at the illegal place. I could have got it back if I had paid, but it was old and as my birthday was coming closer, I thought my husband would buy a new one for me.

As I needed a bike immediately, my daughter lent me her old extra bike. But I still wanted to buy a new one, so I told my husband that it was awkard to use the chain-key to lock. Yes, the lock which was attached to the bike broke. Next day, my husband found an extra lock and attaced to the bike.
Then I complained the front basket was loose, as one of a screws was gone. He fixed it immediately. I found the light of the old bike was just fine.

I couldn't find anything bad on the old bike any more, so I had used it for a year.

A few days ago, my husband rode my bike and he found its condition wasn't so good, so he decided to buy a new one for me as a birthday gift.
Yesterday, we rode double on the bike to the store and bought a new one...Yes, Finally.

I'm soooooooooo happy.

And I'm sure I can find it easily in front of the supermarket. I would never put my shopping bags on a stranger's bike. lol