Fir Wave in Kita-yatugatake 北八ヶ岳の縞枯れ現象

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Nov 2, 2018 00:21
Kita-yatsugatake in Nagano is well known for natural phenomenon called shimagare, or fir wave. Fir wave is the phenomenon that trees on a mountain fall and die due to the exposure to excessive wind or cold air. This happens along the contour line on the mountain slope, so the white bands of dead trees look like a striped pattern from a distance. The name of this phenomenon comes from its appearance.

I have passed through the band of those dead trees before. The dead trees were white and dry, and the area felt absolutely desolate. But looking at the place closely, I noticed new trees growing back where the dead trees fell. I could see the mountain was very much alive and breathing. In fact, the bands of dead trees move very slowly over a long time. Probably it will move only dozens of meters at most while I am alive, but it will just keep moving forever.