Biology Professor

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Jan 27, 2019 00:40
The other day I wrote an endangered frog had been recently discovered by researchers. Writing it, I remembered a professor who taught us biology in college.

This professor once told us what had happened when he went to a mountain in search of a certain plant for his research. As he went into the mountain, it started to rain all of a sudden. When he returned, he accidentally fell into a swollen river. He almost resigned himself to the situation that he couldn’t do anything, being drifted in the river on his back. Then, fortunately, the current happened to push him to the shallows and he could manage to stand up, when he found the plant he had been looking for just in front of him.

I took this biology course as liberal arts. I regret that I don’t remember the professor’s name, not even his face well. However, I still vividly remember his delighted expression on his face while he told us the story, especially the part that he found the plant finally. I hope he is well.