Describing Taste 2

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Nov 17, 2018 20:18
When I looked up the word 渋い in my dictionary, it says “astringent.” First, this word felt a little strange, because I had sometimes seen it on a package of skincare products. Besides, my English-Japanese dictionary says that “astringent” means 収斂性の, which means “causing the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues.” So, I suspected if it could describe a taste. Fortunately, some people here suggested this word as a translation of 渋い, so now I know it can be used to describe 渋い.

Some people suggested the word “bitter” as well, and I learned that “bitter” can be used to describe a taste of unripe fruit or something that makes the mouth feel dry. These explanations fit into 渋い, so now I know I can also use “bitter” to describe 渋い.

It is still difficult to describe taste, but I learned a lot by the corrections and comments here. Thank you, everyone.


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