Kiso-Komagatake 3 : エビの尻尾, or feather-like rime ice

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Feb 23, 2019 16:55
At the top of the steep slope, I enjoyed the 360-degree panoramic view. I could overlook distant mountains. It was very windy on the ridge line, so feather rime formation, which we Japanese call エビの尻尾(shrimp tail), was seen everywhere. エビの尻尾 is a kind of rime ice; strong, freezing wind froze moisture or snow particles in the air to trees and rocks and the sediments grow horizontally to windward. The formation looks like shrimp tails, which is why we call it エビの尻尾. The shrine and the torii gate on the summit were covered with a lot of エビの尻尾, and they look really cold.

The ground also had unique formation like rippled water furface. It was beautiful glowing pale.