Fear of Heights 高所恐怖症

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Nov 10, 2018 08:29
I don’t like being in high places. I started to have a fear of heights when I rode a roller coaster when I was in high school. At the time, even when I had to get on an elevator, the thought of going up to a high place made me go weak at the knees. Gradually, the fears have been eased. But I still feel scared and break into a cold sweat on a flight when a plane shakes while passing through turbulence. Also, I cannot stay close to a railing at a balcony on upper floors of buildings.

A friend of mine once told me an interesting thing. When I told her that I felt scared on a flight because planes fly extremely high in the air, she said, “It would be much scarier if planes flew low.” It is very true and convincing. Since then, when I feel a plane shaking, I have told myself, “The high-flying plane won’t hit anything if it shakes, so everything will be fine.”