Quick Hike on a Weekday 3

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Feb 9, 2019 03:28
It was very windy at the summit of the mountain and I had things to do in the afternoon, so I started to go down soon after eating sandwiches I brought. On the way down, I came across a woman who was heading to the summit. After exchanging a couple of words, she said she wanted to go down because she was tired and it was too windy to keep walking. Then we began to walk down together. After a while, she said, “There is a good trail, so let’s take that way” and guided me there. Indeed, the path went through a beautiful forest, the vegetation of which was totally different from the one that I always pass through. There appeared to be no trace or anything and all the trees looked similar. I was wondering how she can find the way, so I was surprised to find a bench and a table ahead of us all of a sudden. That path must have been one of the new paths local people found and opened. There was no signs there, so probably I won’t walk on the trail once again. I was lucky to meet the woman and walk through the beautiful forest.