Today is a sunny day here in Quito.

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May 9, 2015 00:07
Today is a sunny day here in Quito. Quito's weather is always chaotic, so is likely that the afternoon will be rainy.

I preferd the cold weather than hot weather. I don't like when it's very hoy, because I can't move then.

I remenber when my family and I went to Guayaquil. The hot was so terrible that I barely could do something. Even in the beach Salinas I couldn't swim. I feared my skin would had burned. At the end my skin burned anyway.

I have a very sensitive skin, so my scorches make my skin very red.

My uncle had scorches in his feet, and my little cousin, his son, was scorched in all his body.

But, still, the experience was marvelous. Although, the next time we go to the beach, I hope we'll go in the cloudy station.