Why Do I feel so sad?

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May 8, 2015 19:21
I've slept very late this morning. Ussually I get up 9:00 am on weekends. Yesterday I was working to night. And so I slept too a long. I woke up 12:00 pm. Today is my day off, l get enough sleep and the weather today is good. It's warm and sunny. But why do I feel so sad? Maybe it is because I watched the movie with a sad end? I can't watch sad movies! I always really cry! And when I hear a sad melody I cry too. But I like to watch movies drama. Maybe I'm sad because I remembered my childhood? Today when I woke up but didn't open my eyes yet. In my mind fragments of this fine time started flashing. How I miss this time. But unfortunately never to return this time. Why do I feel so sad...
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