Do you know the animation "Castle in the sky"?

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Jan 16, 2016 20:23
Do you know the animation "Castle in the sky"? This animation movie was broadcast on the theater in 1986 but it still have been very popular among the fun. Recently, when It is rebroadcast on the TV, a lot of fun tweet "Balus" timing with the scene of this spell "Balus" is cast in Animation. Now it get a typical event.
Yesterday "Castle in the sky" rebroadcast on the TV. In advance of this broadcast, The Japanese heath scale company "Tanita" officially tweeted like followings. If the number of tweet "Tanita" under the "Balus" when this spell of destruction is cast at the climax scene, they change the company name "Tanita" to "Balus" for one day.

If you want to know the result,check attached picture of official tweeter page.

Thank you for reading my English post.

Colonel Msuka
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