goal of politics

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Aug 17, 2016 18:02
As for me, the ideal society is within sight but beyond touch.
If the goal of politics is to pursuit a ideal society, it required to satisfied every individuals in all walks of life, but the social classes are formed due to all kinds of historical reasons, which means social benefit has been unfairly allotted for a long time. Like china, the most common social class are working class and the peasantry, but the most rich social class is the capitalist class. To pursuit of an ideal will require all social classes have average distribution of social wealth. For the most common social class, it is an exhilarate news, while it will irritate capitalist class, who will stop this from happening by every possible means. Then the civil war just rounds the corner. And above-mentioned is not restricted to China, it could happen in the country where exist social classes, in other words, in every country. So pursuit of an ideal apparently couldn’t get the ideal result.
Finding common ground and reaching reasonable consensus, it could get the most maxim support and thus ensure the whole country hold together.
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