consumer-generated waste

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Aug 20, 2016 18:34
This is an inclusive world, human being isn’t the only blessed species, there are still other animals and plants blessed by the sun and moon, and all of us compose the wonderful world. Putting limits on the amount of consumer-generated waste of towns and cities, not only could solve environmental problems, but also enable people treasure the self-giving nature world.
The limits on the amount of waste food could force people to develop a habit for treasure food and prepare appropriate amount food to avoid wasting food. Such habit results in 3 advantages: 1. Avoiding unnecessary food wasting, and then the saved food could distribute to some food-scarce areas; 2, making human being cherish more hard-won food; 3, decreasing the area of planting grain and increasing the area of trees, then slow down the greenhouse effect.
The limits on the amount of using plastic, battery, nuclear and so on, are helpful to protect the environment. As the need of those stuff decreasing, the corresponding manufactory will reduce the amount of output, and then reduce pollution in the production process accordingly.
Such advantages are massive, needless to say the benefit of lessening the amount of automobile usage, air conditioner usage, electricity and so on.
As above mentioned, limiting the amount of consumer-generated waste is seems to a flawless claim, but to be frankly, it is difficult to carry on, cause it threatens some company’s interest and redundancies may be happened due to the decrease the output of the company.
In the long run, this claim indeed protects the environment.
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