Musical Scores and Stories weaved on Ice

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Jan 26, 2019 15:38
Musical Scores and Stories weaved on Ice

Have you ever listened to music which was played on ice and seen many stories?
For me, the only existence who can make me feel dream moment is Yuzuru Hanyu.

“Art or technique in figure skating?”
We sometimes like discussing that kind of topic, however, our two times Olympic champion defined it clearly as the follows.
“Correct technique and stable foundations obviously support art and expressions like a ballet and musical, so there can be no art without them.”
Refined and certain techniques surpass their roles as elements and become a part of performance’s expression.
A first-ranking performer can get the qualification to weave stories only after they mastered accurate techniques.
Then, how do you express “expression?”
One of reasons why I feel good when I watch his performances is that I can see scores appear on ice naturally. I may express it “synchronism of music.”
Of course, he has had this kind of musical sense originally, and he has continued developing it.
The gift which he once got will support and make him brighter eternity.

Hanyu is the precious and rare figure skater who can express both music and his own worldview.
His stories which are with his beautiful music have strong messages and talk to us.
The supreme figure skater who can create music and stories on ice is my love forever.

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