A Dream Figure Skating School ②

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Aug 23, 2017 19:43
A Dream Figure Skating School ②

Let me introduce Yuzuru Hanyu’s most impressive message for me in his skating class.
“Does anybody love skating? Raise your hands. Does anybody hate fall down? Raise your hands. Does anybody like falling down? Raise your hands. You may fall down many times. So far, I’ve fallen down so many times. Let’s fail many times. Let’s not only just fail, but think why you fail and improve the way not to fail again. So you will definitely do it!”

He taught them that they needed to fall down to make progress.
It doesn’t uncool. It’s very important. To fail includes so many hints.
His message seemed to have that kind of meanings.
I feel that his message is very important for language learners like us.

Some kids, who attended the skating school, will proceed on their way to except figure skating. In the future, they will remember Hanyu saying to them, and may challenge something or overcome something.
Mr. Hanyu presented seeds of courage, seeds of hope and seeds of joyful to them.
I’m looking forward to what flowers will bloom in the future.




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