☆Yuzuru Hanyu on “Premium Talk.”★

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Sep 9, 2015 13:53
☆Yuzuru Hanyu on “Premium Talk.”★

My lovely Blue Bird appeared on live NHK’s talk program, “Asaichi.”
He looked good in a blue shirt and white pants, of course I liked him in a sweat suit too, and I was so happy to see him in real time before work.

About seven thousand questions for him were contributed to the TV program.

My favorite episodes are…,

①His hairstyle is like a beetle, sometime a stag beetle, when he wakes up.
Beetles are cute, aren’t they?☆

②He stays in his room while listening to music and playing portable games on his days off.
Yuzuru, it’s important for you to enjoy alone time, isn’t it?

③About his costumes of 2014 Winter Olympics' season and a new program, “SEIMEI.”
He took part in an arrangement of its music for the first time. Great♪

My favorite his comments,
“We, skaters, greatly appreciate that everyone supports us and gets really lively in the same way when our performances are good times and bad.”

In the last half of the program, Sarah Alainn sang her beautiful song, “ The Final Time Traveler.”
Every time I listen to the music, I vow eternal love to him.
Yuzuru, I am thankful for your wonderful gifts.






1 寝癖がカブトムシみたいになる、時々クワガタみたいにもなる。

2 休日は音楽を聞いたり、ゲームをしたりしてこもっている。

3 ソチオリンピックシーズンの衣装と新しいプログラム「SEIMEI」のお話。今回彼は初めてSEIMEIの編曲にも携わったそうです。 


後半では、サラオレインさんが、彼女の美しい歌「ザ ファイナルタイムトラベラー」を披露してくださいました。