Four Elements.

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Jan 4, 2018 18:20
Four Elements.

Rostelecom Cup 2017, one of ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, was held from Oct. 20th to 22nd in Moscow.
At the event, Yuzuru Hanyu showed his quadlutz at the first time, got 1st place successively in the free skating program and won the silver medal.

In the competition, my hero needed to spend his much energy to succeed the quadlutz jump, which was the fourth quad jump for him.
First impression is very important.
He landed the beautiful and powerful quadlutz jump which no one couldn’t do that, and got 1.14 Grade of Executions.
His original style of flowing jumps like wind performed even the quadlutz jump.
It looked like that the only one figure skater added an elements of fire to the dynamic jump.
Now he has mastered four quad jumps at a very high level, in other words, this means that he can select which elements he wants to show at the proper time.
They aren’t essential or prohibition for him.

He has spins which looks like water fulfilling the ground and steps which shake the earth.
It looks like the wind and the water fulfill every part of the ground that all the elements create a big flow in his works.
“God is in the details.”
We can use the words to express his performances which allow a competition and an art to exist together.

Four elements including a fire, water, the ground and a wind, which create the world, indwell in his works.
His inner universe will emerge outside thought his performances.

He will trust the white ground and will show his accumulated elements.
We will be able to see the most grand and brilliant crystals of ice.

グランプリシリーズ ロステレコムカップが2017年10月20日~10月22日にモスクワで開催されました。




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