♫♬Let’s Go Crazy.♫♬

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Oct 24, 2016 16:14
♫♬Let’s Go Crazy.♫♬

This season, Yuzuru Hanyu’s new short program is “Let’s Go Crazy,” which is Prince’s number.
He will exhibit his charismatic, extremely in the program.

“He is skating!!”
Only for that reason, all spotlights shine on only him on the ice.

The Beat which he keeps sounds on my ears while he is attracting attention of all spectators.
Gradually, the rhythm overlaps inside me.

When I see the reality which I can’t stop just being attracted by the star in front of me, I need to stop a vain resistance and a glib excuse and admit my true colors.
I still have been crazy for him, even now.
If the star with rare talents is on ice, the world will be fascinated and spellbound by him.
♫♬Let’s Go Crazy.♫♬

羽生結弦選手は今シーズンのショートプログラムはプリンスさんの“Let’s go crazy”です。