Toward an ultimate expression.

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Jul 9, 2017 20:19
Toward an ultimate expression.

Previous season, the most impressive program is Yuzuru Hanyu’s “Hope and Legacy” for me.
That is why I can feel its tracks, which he has elaborated it one by one, from this program.

Flowers are beautiful as they are.
A Rainbow makes us stop and look it up.
We listen to songs of birds naturally.

Although I didn’t know that skaters could express “beauty of the existence” for a lively figure skating, his Hope and Legacy presented one answer.

We were able to see that dynamic beauty and static beauty existed in one person at the same time with our own eyes.

“Beauty of his existence” presented certainly.

The more he elaborated the work and it was finished, the stronger natural beauty had a presence in proportion to it.

Although it looked like directly opposed characters, they boosted each other up.

We can say that it is one of ultimate expressions.

In addition, he linked music and audience by being in a midway stage between nature and human in this work.
We saw sprouting plants, life which beats in unison and the moment which we were in the transmigration of souls with our own eyes.

This program made his expression leap forward and became the work which was impressed on our memory forever.

先シーズン 私にとって一番印象に残った演技は羽生結弦選手の”Hope & Legacy"です。



ただそこにあるだけの美しさというものが、躍動的なフィギュアスケートで表現できるのか、私にはわかりませんでしたが、彼の"Hope & Legacy"は一つの答えを提示してくれました。