Four Maple Leaves

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Sep 24, 2018 17:53
Four Maple Leaves

Do you know the Japanese word,”悔しい-kuyashii”?
You can say it “I feel frustrated” or “I’m disappointed” in English.
What kind of image do you have of “kuyashii”?

My beloved person, Yuzuru Hanyu who is a legendary figure skater, often uses the word “kuyashii” in an interview after his performance.
My only champion did so after his victory at 2018 Autumn Classic International which was his first game this season.

Can you imagine the following facts?
Yuzuru hanyu has two consecutive Olympic titles for the first time in 66 years.
Plus he has accomplished several monumental works in the field of figure skating, so his three highest scores in the world including the short program, the long program and the total score have been admitted as “the Historic Records” by The International Skating Union with a revision of rules.
This means that his great achievements are promised to be found a place in history forever.
In addition, his continuity restoration supports are also admitted and Japanese government gave him “People’s Honor Award” as a person who encourages a lot of people.
Even though he has made such a historical event, he says the familiar “kuyashii” after his performance even now.

That means he does continue expecting and trusting himself.
The talented hero is able to see and feel that his ideal performance will appear in this world and give it beautiful changes in the future by his inner mind.
And then, he will be satisfied with that and lead a lot of existences who are moved to a full harmony.
“Kuyashii” is one of power words to get closer his glorious goal for him.

The shining maple leaf, which has started to change its color to gold one year ago, came back to his chest according its promise.

I will give him four floral languages of a maple leaf to celebrate his hope and courage.
“Promise”, “Talented”, “Beautiful changes” and “ A harmony”.


英語では”I feel frustrated”“I’m disappointed”などで表現されます。


ショート フリー 総合における3つの歴代世界最高得点は、ルール改定に伴い、国際スケート連盟より「歴史的スコアランキング」として永遠に刻まれています。