Mirai and Future

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Feb 14, 2018 09:21
Mirai and Future


She is a great American figure skater, Mirai Nagasu,

Her parents are Japanese, but she is an American figure skater.

The meaning of her name "Mirai" is "Future".

Unfortunately, Japan does not recognize double nationality. She chose American citizenship. I respect her decision.

There are only three women figure skater success of the triple axel was Midori Ito, Mao Asada and Mirai Nagasu.

There are people who don't recognize her as an American. She achieved great results by doing her best for the United States, her mother country.

United States of America is a multiracial state, it is wrong to misunderstand her as a Japanese without recognizing her as an American. She speak English fluently. Because she was born on California State, U.S.

Conguratulation, Mirai Nagasu!