Japan might be one of the unique countries.

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May 22, 2016 15:47
10 months passed since I left from Japan.
I met many people in Vanuatu who are Ni-Vanuatu, English speakers, French people etc.
Then I went to other Pacific countries for several months.
I start to think that Japan might be one of the unique countries in the world.
To look from another country, I found a lot of different points between Japan and other countries. For example, culture, food, life style, language, social problems and so on.
I want to show you one example. It is language.
Japanese language is quite unique.
Japanese language is very complicated. Because it has 3 kinds of character: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. 3 languages which I have learned have only one character.
The order of Japanese sentences is different from other languages.
That is why I have to change the order in my head.
This might become diffcult for Japanese people who have learned other languages like English and French.
Now I study Bislama, English and French.
It is especially difficult for me to master French because the pronunciation is quite different from Japanese. Japanese doesn’t have “R” sound in French. Then it is difficult to remember the variation of verbs and the male noun and the female noun.
But new languages will take me to new world. I enjoy studying these languages.

Compared to other languages, Japanese language is very unique.
I found out an interesting article. If you are interested in it, please read it.

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