Should we go outside to eat cakes?

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Jun 17, 2019 12:21
When I was in class today, the whole classroom was very quiet.
No one was doing pottery. I guess it may be that today's clay is too soft!
Then the fourth grade students are all absent, leaving only Mara and me in the classroom, and third graders.
In such a quiet afternoon, the weather outside was particularly good, and I did not see the teacher coming to the classroom.
So at this moment, We looked at each other and I asked her in lip language:
「Should we go outside to eat cakes?」
She immediately replied to me:「Good~ let's go」
It was a great day. We left the classroom 15 minutes earlier and walked to the cake shop near the zakiyama Campus.
We ordered cakes to enjoy the pleasant afternoon, I was able to get to know Mara is a very important friend of this study abroad life.
然後四年級的同學全部不在,教室裡面只剩下Mara 和我,還有三年級的同學。
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