I have some difficulty to find this book.

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Sep 18, 2017 19:36 Sentence
I have some difficulty to find this book.
She didn’t answer to my question.
I have looked for my keys everywhere but, I didn’t find them.
I need to take a break.
He plays tennis from time to time.
She has a hard time.
I would like to know what you think about this situation.
Do you believe in ghosts?
J’ai du mal a trouver ce livre.
Elle n’a pas répondu à ma question.
J’ai cherché mes clés partout mais je ne les ai pas trouvé.
J’ai besoin de faire une pause.
Il joue au tennis de temps en temps.
Elle vit des moments difficiles.
J’aimerais savoir ce que tu penses de cette situation.
Est ce que tu crois aux fantômes ?
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