Wen I was younger, there was the biggest storm that I have never seen.

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Sep 12, 2017 00:13 Text
Wen I was younger, there was the biggest storm that I have never seen. It was really impressive because I was young. I was 12 years old and there are not a lot of storms in France in comparison with others countries. It was in december, just after Christmas. The sky was really dark while it was still the afternoon. Before the highest of the storm, my father picked up a friend of him and his family because their house was not safe and my parents's house was bigger. I was not afraid of the storm, in any case, less than my sister. Waiting for my father's return, my mother, my sister and me decided to close the shutters. When we were closing the shutters my youngest dog went out in the storm. He was not afraid at all, but he didn't stay a long time outside. I think he understood that something was wrong. Of all my dogs, this one was the most fearless. When my father came back, the wind was blowing really violently. There was no electricity. Family, friends, dogs, everybody slept in the living room. The storm lasted all night. When we woke up the next morning, it was finished. The storm did a lot of damages in the city, but my parents's house had almost no damages. My friend's house had not the same luck. The roof was destroyed. For the moment, it was the only natural disaster that I have never seen. Except of this storm, I have never seen another storm or a tornado or an earthquake or even a flood.