On 2nd October 2016, twenty-six students from Nanyang Polytechnic S...

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Nov 14, 2016 12:38
On 2nd October 2016, twenty-six students from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore (NYP) came to visit UNDIKSHA in order to conduct their program that entitled Youth Expedition Programme (YEP). This program was held for 10 days long in which including some activities and events such as FIXER, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, FUN FAIR, CULTURAL EXCHANGE, BEACH CLEAN UP, and WASTE MANAGEMENT. The places where the activities conducted were in Senior and Junior High of Lab School, Faculty of Vocational technology, City Park, Penimbangan and Pelabuhan beach. All of the activities started on 8th October until 12th October.
To make the program run successfully, UNDIKSHA sent several volunteers from different majors. The volunteers are from English Education Department, English Diploma 3, Business Management, Electrical Engineering of Education Department, and Food & Beverages Department. These students were supposed to be translators that would assist the NYP students in presenting the information given. According to one of NYP students, YEP generally has the main purpose to educate the youth to be more confident, diligent, having social-conscience, responsible, active in society, aware of the needs of the community, and willing to contribute to the community whether it is in the local or international community.

The activities and events were well-appreciated especially by the students who involved within the program. They expect that the program could be conducted again next year so that it grows the awareness of youth about the importance of having a positive attitude to make better change.
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