Hello everyone.

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Jul 5, 2015 01:05
Hello everyone. It's nice to meet yo again.

I want to tell you what I did yesterday. Yesterday, I went to Lovina Beach-one of the tourism places in Bali. I went to that place in order to practice my speech with foreigners I went alone by my motorbike. After got there, I found a tourist who sat down near the dolphin statue. Then, I tried to approach him and start to make conversation. I was relieve, for he was able to take his time for chatting with me though only for a while. I used my phone to record the voices so that I could check the mispronunciation of mine after the chat end. It only took 3 minutes chatting with him. It's because he was busy. That's okay. After ended up the conversation, I checked my voice and I found myself making a lot of mistakes. I made a misused "verb agreement". From that, I've learned something that I'm still nothing. I still need to learn even more. Okay, that's all for my brief story. :)