Hi, everyone!

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Feb 17, 2019 17:21
Hi, everyone!
I like looking back to my past pregnant.
It wasn't a good period, although ii I think that it's such important happening in our life.
I know a lot of expectant mothers and I admire they.
When I was pregnant I haven't been propose by my man. Although it he is my husband-to-be still.
Custody of a child is mine. I don't have any maintances. I have a relationship.
I got jitters before and after labour.
My mum said that I had to get married but to no avail. No way!
I want to leave my secondary school.
During pregnancy I was laying on the maternity ward too long before labour.
Because of it I had to drop out of my school for year.
Now I'm after baptism and I'm going to leave school in two months.
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