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Mar 20, 2019 14:47
1. I wish I could have helped you.
2. I wish I could have learnt more. (I can't.)
3. I wish I could have had more free time.
4. I wish I could have been close to you.

1. I wish I were more happier.
2. I wish I were richer.
3. I wish I were taller.

1. I wish I hadn't taken this gift.
2. I wish I hadn't told you about it.
3. I wish I hadn't confided in you.

1. I wish you would stop making so much noise!
2. I wish you would clean up this mess!
3. I wish the weather would change. Is so rainy!

1. I wished I hadn't taken this gift( but now I wish I had taken.)
2. I wished I hadn't been with him. (but now I wish I hadn't splited up with him.
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