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Apr 15, 2010 22:36
Once the native English speaker gave me a comment like this.

「Good Job! :D」

....................I was utterly confused.

What is :D ?

D drive in the PC? (It's supposed to be D:, isn't it?)

Or certain acronym?

I looked it up the dictionary to see what D stands for?

I found several meaning.

Of course, the fourth alphabetical letter ( So what?)

And cup size of the brassiere (.....more confused?)

The worst credit of the exam( Then, why "Good job"? )

Later, I found that this represents human's face at quarterly rotated to show "smile"

Likewise, this :P expresses human's face with his tongue sticked out.

I'm surprised...

Why do they have to rotate his face?

To recognize this is a face, I have to turn my head to the left in 90 degree.

I mean... why they must have not express...

(^o^) like this.

Then we don't have to tilt our head.

And we can make many variations.

(^o^) smiling

(T_T) crying

(≧▽≦) exciting

(>_<) troubled

(`△´) angry

\(^▽^)/ hurray

(・ー・)ノシ Bye

I can't list up all.

On the other hand, vertical style..

:D smiling
:P tongue out
:X speechless

I don't know any more.

True that I find :D very cute...

Isn't it inconvenient to express your feeling?

Is it because I'm Japanese that I feel unnatural?

Are English people don't use horizontal smiley (like (^o^) ) in the mail communication?
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